Your Corporate Image Speaks Volumes about YOUR business

Look professional, be united, create a sense of belonging and a feeling of equality.

Make your Employees safe, Head to Toe

Lesina provides an extensive range of tough, durable and functional workwear items that ensure your staff are safe, head to toe.

If you have the ideal identity in mind, let’s make it a reality

From something as simple as a polo shirt for a special event, right through to a full uniform, Lesina can work with you to meet your custom garment requirements.

We have everything you need for the perfect Gift to reward your Client or Promote your Business

Offering merchandise is a great tactic to strengthen your brand and attract loyal customers as it adds value to your business.

With Work Packs your staff have everything they need to start the job

Lesina has recently introduced work packs for our clients.  Depending on your needs we can tailor packs that can be distributed to staff that have everything they need for their first week at work or to get the job done.

Work Wear Audit

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